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22nd April 2024

Title: Coping with Unsustainability :  Published 04 September 2018

Summary: This study sets out to examine Amplats Sustainable Development Reports (SDRs) over a period of 13 years. It seeks to see if there is consistency in the reports; whether Amplats achieved their various commitments as set out in their own reports; whether SDRs are of any real value to communities that surround Amplats; whether they report on issues relevant to these communities; whether these reports are relevant or not in terms of what is reported; and whether they can be compared for consistency over time…

View and/or download the full study document in .pdf format (1.37MB)

The launch of Policy Gap 13 will take place on Sept 5th

Venue: South African Human Rights Commission Offices
             Bramfontein Forum 3
             Hoofd Street,

Time:   11h00 to 13h00

Free parking is available for the duration of the launch.