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"Conversation with Tshepo Mmusi" from Podcast Bulleting 04 by Bench Marks Foundation. Released: 2022.

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This is a community radio station that serves the Western Cape area. It was established in the mid nineties aiming to serve the educational, informational and cultural needs of the community.

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BenchMarks Foundation says it’s times for compassionate public servants during lockdown.

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Lead researcher at the BenchMarks Foundation David Van Wyk says it is important to look and understand what the socioeconomic situation of miners is.

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The State of Africa – Latest on Mining charter

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Hassan Lorgat speaks on illegal Miners

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Covid-19 crisis is no excuse for lack of prosecution for Marikana tragedy - Bench Marks Foundation

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Remembering Marikana with Bishop Jo Seoka

“A Teach in on SLAPP suits Part 1”.

“A Teach in on SLAPP suits Part 2”.

Interview with Kirsten Youens

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"Impacts of Mining in Limpopo" from The BenchMarks Podcast 02 by Hassen Lorgat in conversation with Mmathapelo, Moses and Wole.

Social conversations: Mining Indaba week in Cape Town

Mining benefits to communities: Will it ever happen?

Mind Your Tailings – a conversation between Hassen Lorgat (Bench Marks Foundation) with Jan Morrill, (Earthworks)

The turning off of analogue TV in March of this year has been declared unconstitutional. This move points to the fact that estimated that 8.25 million poor South Africans will be left without free-to-air television following the switch-off.

Guest: Hassen Lorgat, People’s Media Consortium

Civil Society is uniting to challenge government plans to disconnect the analogue TV signal of over 14 million people.

As the digital migration process is already underway to switch off analogue terrestrial television transmitters. Civil Society is uniting to challenge government plans to disconnect the analogue TV signal of over 14 million people. They are arguing that once the digital migration process is in full swing, our country’s communication system will be even further privatised as those that can afford will move over to Multichoice, and they want government to delay the switch-over.


Guest: Hassan Logart, Spokesperson of the Peoples Media Consortium

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the switch-off of analogue television broadcasts in South Africa must be delayed to allow for more consultation. The court also found that communications minister’s decision on 28 February 2022 to set 31 March 2022 (later revised to 30 June 2022 by the high court) as the final date for analogue switch-off was unconstitutional and invalid. To react to this is….. 


Guest: Hassan Logart, Spokesperson of the Peoples Media Consortium 

10 Years After Marikana _ Podcast_Part 1

Part 1:
– Chairperson / facilitator Eric Mokuoa introduces the speakers and provides commentary;
– Sonwabile Mnwana (Rhodes University),a sociologist and senior researcher focusing on land and politics of resource extraction;
– Asanda Benya (University of Cape Town), a feminist activist working on labour and gender issues in the mining sector;
– Andy Higginbottom (London based Marikana Solidarity Collective), secretary of the City of London Anti-apartheid Group (late 1980s) and still active in support of social movement in Latin America, South Africa; and
– Ngaka Mosiane Senior Researcher (Gauteng City-Region Observatory), focusing on future directions of informal housing research, theory, and methodology.

10 Years After Marikana _ Podcast_Part 2

Part 2:
– Respondent David Ramohanoe is a social justice activist, passionate about land reform, community development and industrial relations. He is also the Chairperson of Wonderkop Land Claims Committee.
– The Questions and Answers involved questions and discussion from the floor.
The media picked on one comment made by Bishop Jo Seoka, where he called on “President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign and that he be arrested for his alleged involvement in the 2012 Marikana Massacre.” This SABC report took the sensational route – to society at large – when they reported that “President Ramaphosa failed to apologise and show remorse for what happened in Marikana. Bishop Seoka also called for the dismissal of cases against the injured and arrested mineworkers.”

No Political Accountability at Glencore | Radio 786

Mining giant, Glencore is on a drive to save face after it was found to have manipulated the market, and engaged in bribery. It now has to pay a fine of up to R23.6 billion. Last week, authorities in the US, Britain and Brazil announced that three of Glencore’s subsidiaries had pleaded guilty to the crimes. While the company’s board maintains that these acts are a thing of the past, it does point to a growing trend of mining companies acting with impunity, but have the chickens finally come to roost?

Guest: David van Wyk, Benchmarks Foundation researcher

A focus on illegal mining activities – unpacking Zama Zama

South Africa has built a burgeoning national economy on its gold mining trade over the past few decades, but for the “Zama Zamas”, hunting for the precious mineral is a process just as synonymous with peril as profit. To discuss, we are joined by David van Wyk, Bench Marks Foundation Chief Researcher and
Zethu Hlatwayo, Spokesperson for National Association of Artisanal Miners

THINKING POINT: Police Minister deviating attention from rape

Our guest this morning is raising his concerns about how the Minister of Police Bheki Cele is deviating the attention from the fact that eight women were raped in the mine dump crime that took place over the weekend. Yesterday (Tuesday), Cele led a large police crew in raiding illegal immigrants at the Krugersdorp mine dump saying that they will be concentrating on all illegal mining operations. Our guest is worried that the entire operations is now shifting from the horrific rape of young women, to chasing after Zama Zamas. To share some of his thoughts on this issue, 

Guest: Hassen Lorgat – Social justice activist and also with the Peoples Media Consortium

Unpacking #10YearsOfMarikana with Eric Mokuoa, Bench Marks Foundation.


A discussion on the rapes of 8 women and the “problem” of illegal mining on Radio Islam International.

The Bench Marks Foundation August 2022 podcast involves a discussion with Hassen Lorgat (Bench Marks Foundation) and two community monitors.

Francina Nkosi is a member of the Waterberg Women Advocacy Organisation (WWAO ) formed over 10 years ago and has 500 members around Limpopo. They work on climate justice and gender justice, land and other human rights issues.

Thokozile Mntambo is a graduate of the Campaigner Fellowship and founder of the Ikhaya labantu, Black Lives Movement. They support the fight for low income black community and advocates for womens rights and the rights of the queer community. She is a digital rights campaigner. Thoko lives in Snake Park Thulare, Soweto.

Unlocking African Mining Investment: Stability, Security and Supply

Early Breakfast with Africa Melane Radio 702/Cape Talk

Africa is joined by David Van Wyk mining analyst and lead researcher at the Bench Marks Foundation to talk about the 2023 Minining Indaba. The indaba kicks off later this morning .

Alternative Mining Indaba 2023.

Guest: Hassen Lorgat, Bench Marks Foundation.

PEOPLES MEDIA CONSORTIUM listen from Minute 32…ignore the wrong spelling as Hassen Lorgat is clearly speaking

Guest: Hassen Lorgat, Bench Marks Foundation.

Alternative Mining Indaba 2023.

Guest: Hassen Lorgat, Bench Marks Foundation.

Africa Segment: The contribution of diamonds to Botswana’s development

Noluthando Mthonti Mlambo speaks to David Van Wyk, Lead Researcher at  the Bench Marks Foundation about the diamond economy in Botswana.