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15th June 2024

The People’s Media Consortium (PMC) aims to contribute to the promotion and protection of human, democratic and labour rights by strengthening the media and organising capacity of poor communities and unemployed/vulnerable workers in South Africa to take up their own interests through democratic mass media interventions.

We develop democratic community based alternative mass media platforms and gain access to mainstream media platforms and audiences such as the public broadcaster, the SABC and community radio and TV channels.

We contribute towards raising awareness and build strong democratic organizations within local communities in which women play a central role based on principles of unity, independence, democracy and non-discrimination and ensure greater impact for the NGO partners’ developmental work.

In the process of doing so, transform the targeted community radio and TV stations to be democratically owned resources of their communities and serve their interests.

Fundamentally the PMC seeks to address the crisis of poverty and inequality with all its horrific manifestations (housing and living conditions, income and livelihoods, health, environmental conditions and justice, community and domestic violence and state repression) in South Africa, through assisting in empowering those worst affected with
democratic alternative media development, education and training and local organization building support, by strengthening and expanding current WWMP mass media platforms and develop new ones collectively including;

  • The Labour Community Radio Project on up to 40 community radio stations with options for productions in 5 languages (Afrikaans, English, isiXhosa, isiZulu and Sesotho). (Estimated audience: 3 million)
  • Weekly national radio shows on SABC radio stations – SAFM, Umhlobo Wenene, Ukhozi and Lesedi. (Estimated audience: 12 million).
  • A weekly national TV show on the public broadcaster.
  • The consolidation and growth of TV shows on Cape Town TV, Soweto and Bay TV (Nelson Mandela Bay). (Estimated monthly audience: 5 million). This will include the weekly production of video documentary inserts for the shows that will also be distributed via social media and used for partners’ and participants’ popular
    education activities.
  • The continued production, improvement and distribution of the community newspaper, Elitsha and online via Internet and social media platforms such as Facebook. Elitsha will consist of partner contributions in the form of articles, reports and pictures relevant to their projects. Various regional language inserts will be included to cater for participants nationally.
  • Explore new online mass media for developing our own alternative platforms
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