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Bench Marks Foundation was founded by the Churches in 2001 to monitor all multinational companies in South Africa and the region, with a regional focus on South African companies’ expansion into Africa. It has done work on South African supermarkets in Africa, on whether they are purely extractive or contribute to host countries economic development. It has a big focus on mining and extractive both in South Africa and in Botswana, Zambia and the DRC, as well as Malawi. This focus has also led to focus on the relationship between banks investment policies and mining and other sectors of the economy.

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Bench Marks Foundation has worked with a number of international NGO’s on human rights due diligence and of the biggest buyers of platinum and international companies supply chain responsibilities encompassing human rights and the environment.  With a focus on South African Companies expanding into the rest of Africa.

Bench Marks Foundation works with an international coalition of faith-based organizations from around the world that developed the Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility-Bench Marks for Measuring Business Performance, that has been hailed as one of four leading instruments that set benchmarks for social responsibility through the lens of corporate social responsibility covering all sectors of the economy


To be on every company’s agenda and to be a household name


Bench Marks Foundation is committed to providing leadership and advocacy on bench marking of good corporate governance, ethical and socially responsible investment as well as linking people and institutions committed to these ideals


Pro poor and on the side of those suffering – an option and solidarity for the poor, speaking truth to power, to the promotion, attainment, and restoration of human dignity. A Values driven organization that is highly ethical, accountable and acts with integrity and has an excellent track record both in its work, governance, and financial integrity.

Research - Policy Gap Series

We critically examine CSR through the lens of investment and investment impacts. Is it good or bad? Do the costs outweigh the benefits? Companies, governments and civil society, both locally and globally, recognize us as a key role player and opinion maker regarding CSR and sustainable development.

Voice Power and Media Advocacy

Currently communities are severely disadvantaged when it comes to mining companies. Communities often lack information and access to expert advice, and end up giving their rights away.They also lack recourse to justice when they are aggrieved. Women and children are particularly impacted.

Community Monitoring School

The Bench Marks Foundation has mobilized and trained members from over forty communities in South Africa to monitor corporations and local government. Community Monitors report on their findings using internet, social media, local radio and newsletters.

The Independent Capacity Building Fund (ICF) And The Independent Problem Solving Service

Currently communities are severely disadvantaged when it comes to mining companies. Communities often lack information and access to expert advice, and end up giving their rights away.They also lack recourse to justice when they are aggrieved.

Who is the Peoples Media Consortium?

The People’s Media Consortium (PMC) aims to contribute to the promotion and protection of human, democratic and labour rights by strengthening the media and organising capacity of poor communities and unemployed/vulnerable workers in South Africa to take up their own interests through democratic mass media interventions. We develop democratic community based alternative mass media platforms […]

“Four lies the government is telling about the Broadcast Digital Migration”, Statement issued by the SaveFreeTV campaign

On 8 March the #SaveFreeTV issued a statement demanding that the government delay the disconnection of millions of people’s analogue TV reception. Later the same day the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) responded in a statement full of inaccuracies and misrepresentations. Here we set the record straight on the four most notable lies […]

‘Mining Charter must include poor communities’

Image: Reuters Miners seen wearing boots. The independent organisation monitoring social responsibility, Bench Mark Foundation says it will make sure that the Mining Charter includes issues that affect mine workers and poor communities in which mining companies operate. The organisation’s statement comes after Mineral Resources Minister; Gwede Mantashe postponed the date for the finalisation of […]

Hawks arrest eleven illegal miners, seize assets worth millions at Chromnet mine

Image: Reuters File image: A person looks at the entrance of an underground mine. The Hawks in Limpopo have arrested eleven illegal miners at a Chromnet mine at Northam, outside Thabazimbi. Hawks Spokesperson, Matimba Maluleke says they have also confiscated mining vehicles, two truck loaders and a truck worth over R3 million. Maluleke says the […]

New Independent Global Tailings Management Institute announced to drive mining industry safety standard

LONDON, 24 January 2023 – On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the Brumadinho Tailings dam disaster that resulted in the deaths of 270 people, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Church of England Pensions Board (representing the Principles for Responsible Investment PRI that co-convened the process with UNEP) announced the formation of an independent Global Tailings Management Institute (GTMI) aimed at driving mining industry safety standards.

The announcement made at an investor summit on mining hosted by the London Stock Exchange and convened by the Church of England Pensions Board in collaboration with UNEP, sets out the results of the work of a multi-stakeholder International Advisory Panel and extensive discussions with stakeholders in the mining sector.  The Institute will be central to the independent auditing required of companies to ensure that they are in conformance with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM). 


Alternative Mining Indaba 2023

A just energy transition: unlocking community potential and participation

Watch the entire conference

Hassen Lorgat talks Developing a Pedagogy of the Marginalised - A Conversation with Simo & Frieda

The Bench Marks Foundation August 2022 podcast involves a discussion with Hassen Lorgat (Bench Marks Foundation) and two community monitors.

Francina Nkosi is a member of the Waterberg Women Advocacy Organisation (WWAO ) formed over 10 years ago and has 500 members around Limpopo. They work on climate justice and gender justice, land and other human rights issues.

Thokozile Mntambo is a graduate of the Amandla.mobi Campaigner Fellowship and founder of the Ikhaya labantu, Black Lives Movement. They support the fight for low income black community and advocates for womens rights and the rights of the queer community. She is a digital rights campaigner. Thoko lives in Snake Park Thulare, Soweto.

10 Years After Marikana Podcast Part 2

Part 2:
– Respondent David Ramohanoe is a social justice activist, passionate about land reform, community development and industrial relations. He is also the Chairperson of Wonderkop Land Claims Committee.
– The Questions and Answers involved questions and discussion from the floor.
The media picked on one comment made by Bishop Jo Seoka, where he called on “President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign and that he be arrested for his alleged involvement in the 2012 Marikana Massacre.” This SABC report took the sensational route – to society at large – when they reported that “President Ramaphosa failed to apologise and show remorse for what happened in Marikana. Bishop Seoka also called for the dismissal of cases against the injured and arrested mineworkers.”

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