Financial Integrity: The company is committed to transparency in all its accounting and financial reporting statements and communications with shareholders through its compliance with independent auditing and financial reporting principles.

Ethical Integrity: The company directly addresses issues of justice in line with criteria developed and endorsed by workers and stakeholders as part of its financial, social and environmental reporting.

Corporate Governance: The company's governance structure is based on ethical values, including inclusivity, integrity, honesty, justice and transparency.

Shareholders: The company's corporate governance policies balance the interests of managers, employees, shareholders, and other company stakeholders. It neither restricts nor obstructs the legal rights of shareholders.

Joint Ventures/Partnerships/Subsidiaries: All parts of the company, associated companies, divisions, units and subsidiary companies abide by the same codes of ethics and conduct as the parent company as a minimum standard.

Customers and Consumers: All advertisement and labeling of products is complete, fair and honest. Only claims which can be substantiated and fulfilled are made by the company, its employees and its agents. The company does not market products, which denigrate or supplant sustainable natural products, nor produce them under conditions where human rights, labour rights and environmental standards are violated.

APPENDIX Contains references to key international documents and resources to measure business performance on social environmental and economic issues..

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